Heating Repair & Installation Contractors in Billings

The winter weather in Billings can be brutal and having a reliable heat source in your home or office is essential to making the freezing temperature bearable.

At Brown Plumbing and Heating we have been providing exceptional heating installation, maintenance, and repair services to the home and business owners of Billings for nearly 30 years.

Each member of our team has training in the latest industry standards for heating installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of heating systems.

There are many options for both commercial and residential heating.

Some of heating services you can rely on from our team of well trained and qualified technicians include but not limited too:

  • Furnaces: These systems are thermostat driven and as soon as the thermostat determines that the temperature of the room has fallen below the set-point, the system initiates. Typically powered by gas, oil or wood the fans of the furnace suck air into the system, which then is heated and blown out.
  • Heat Pumps: Essentially, a heat pump pulls heat out of the air or the ground to heat your home or office. These systems are extremely efficient because they are simply transferring heat from one place to another, rather than burning a fuel to create heat
  • Boiler Systems: There are two types of boilers the fire-tube boiler and the water-tube boiler. The basic function of both is similar, water is contained and heated to be leveraged as a heat source for the entire structure

Various factors should be considered when thinking about which type of heating source best suit your needs. For instance, heat pumps are easily installed and fairly inexpensive, because they are simply transferring heat from one place to another and don’t have  a fuel source the monthly operating costs are minimal. Also, heat pumps can be used to cool a space during the warm weather making them a versatile options for many home and business owners. However, in very cold climates heat pumps might not be the most efficient choice.

The team at Brown Plumbing and Heating can help you decide which type of heating source will best fit your needs. Depending on the size of the space, your budget, and your priorities for your heating system we can recommend a system that will be a perfect fit!

If you are happy with your current system but, it is showing signs of needing repair or, you need to schedule a maintenance check we can help with that too. For nearly 30 years we have specialized in providing heating installation, maintenance, and repair services to the Billings area home and business owners. Our team maintains a comprehensive knowledge base of all makes and models of the various types of heating systems and we can help with all of your heating needs.